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Family Law

Committed to fighting for you and your family.

The Garrett Law Firm is committed to not only your legal representation by handling cases ranging from divorce, modification, and paternity to adoption, grandparents rights, and protective orders, but your future wellbeing by helping you make decisions that will benefit you the most. Click the contact us link above or call us for a consultation with a family law attorney that will fight for your family.


One of the most difficult decisions a person can make, divorces are hard to go through. You do not have to do this alone. Issues like parenting plans, child support, asset and debt division, and child custody will affect the rest of your life. At The Garrett Law Firm, we begin each case using a collaborative law approach, attempting to work with both you and your spouse or spouse's attorney to reach an amicable end to avoid the long lasting hurt that can come from a lengthy litigation. To that end, we also offer mediation, if the divorce is uncontested or the two sides are reasonably close. We practice this way until it is no longer practical to continue in this fashion. With either outcome, we will not stop fighting for you and your family.


Sometimes, the agreement you made in your family law case no longer applies. Paying too much or receiving too little child support, increased time with your children, or a change in location can make your judgment no longer applicable to your situation. If that happens, contact us and we can make the changes that make sense to your situation now.


Not every breakup with children is a divorce, In Missouri, if you are not married when you have a child, the biological father of the child is not considered the legal father of the child without a finding of paternity. These types of cases are similar to divorces in that you will come up with a child support amount, a parenting plan, and a visitation schedule. The decisions made during a paternity case will affect you and the relationship you have with your child for decades. Both mothers and fathers have rights in this situation. Make sure you know what these rights are by contacting us today.