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Save yourself money, time, and conflict.

Whether it is a civil dispute, employment dispute, or even a divorce, our mediator can help you reach an equitable result you can be happy with. Call for a consultation and get ready to help us help you solve your own problem.


Nothing can be more damaging to a family relationship than a lengthy litigated family law case. Additionally, few things can be as expensive. Through mediation, you and the opposing party can avoid the hurt feelings and giant legal bills associated with a trial. This is an excellent way to handle both uncontested and even contested family law matters. Save yourself the heartache and some money by scheduling a consultation with our mediator today.


Trial is expensive. The days of your trial, your attorney is spending all day working only on your case at their hourly rate. The days leading up to trial, is spending all day working only on preparing to try your case at their hourly rate. Add to that the cost of depositions, discovery, and in some cases expert testimony, and the bills can skyrocket. Through mediation, our aim is to cost you less for what is likely a similar outcome to what you would get if a judge decided your case after spending tens of thousands of dollars on your attorney.


As mediators, we don't care who "wins" or "loses" your case. Our concern is wanting both parties to feel satisfied with the outcome. By having a neutral third party evaluate your issues and facilitate the communication between the two parties, you will save money, conflict, and time. We don't decide the outcome, you do. We just provide you with the legal information and potential outcomes if litigation were to occur. Mediation is also non-binding, so if it isn't working, than just go to court! Having your case evaluated by an experienced mediator is almost always worth a shot, so call us today for a consultation.