Why choose a paperless (or close to it) law firm?

When coronavirus hit, many firms were shut down for a week, scrambling, figuring out how to have their attorneys and support staff work from home. Some ignored the recommendations and just kept their doors open anyway. We changed gears in less than an hour because we were already as close to paperless as a law firm can be.

The reason this matters to you is two-fold: efficiency and money. It is so much more efficient using electronic communication than paper. Attorney A goes to court for you, something happens, so he/she goes back to the office and dictates a letter to the staff about what happened in court. The staff then writes the letter (maybe that day, maybe the next) and then prints it, folds it, gets a stamp (unless someone needs to run to the post office to get one), and mails it to you. If you are lucky, the attorney will only charge you for half an hour’s work to get that done. (not including the paper and the stamp). Not to mention that you find out what happened in your case 3 or 4 days after it happens.

Attorney B (The Garrett Law Firm) goes to court for you. As soon as the judge is finished speaking, Attorney B has written an electronic message to you and staff about what steps need to be taken next. You likely are not charged or charged very little (depending on the length of the message) and you find out instantly.

When people come to an attorney, they aren’t doing it for fun. It’s because there is a problem that needs to be solved. By being a close to paperless firm, we do that more efficiently, less expensively, and with instant communication to you.